If you’re one of the many people who are trying to lose weight, you have probably come across several weight loss products, diet programs and exercise trends promising instant weight loss results with little effort.

That is not what we are about. Here at Weight Loss WOW Factor, we offer sensible, natural weight loss methods; we aim to inspire and encourage. We offer tips and information on how to lose weight naturally, and we don’t promise our methods will work overnight. Unlike magic diet pills and starvation diets, which are designed for a quick fix, natural weight loss takes time, making it safe and effective – you will lose weight and keep it off.

Safety and efficacy are two areas most commercial weight loss products and programs usually overlook. Whether companies admit it or not, they are more concerned about marketing than your safety and long-term health. There are several pitfalls to this kind of focus:

Risks of side effects. In some instances, side effects can be severe, causing long-term damage to your health.

Wasting money: Some products are hideously expensive and don’t offer value for money.

Little to no results. It is natural that you will lose heart with your weight loss journey and give up.

Failure makes it hard to continue. When a diet fails, it tends to have a physiological effect with that nagging voice in your head screaming failure. Nobody wants to fail at anything, especially something as important as weight loss, so there is a tendency not to want to try again.

Enough is Enough

There comes a time when you have had enough of the restrictions weight can have on your happiness. You can feel like you really want to get back to your old self, when you were full of energy and life was great. This is the time when you are vulnerable and it is easy to focus on a product that claims to deliver an instant, dramatic result; a quick fix program can be very tempting. As tempting as it can be, don’t jump in and try any product without considering if it is safe, if it will deliver long-term results and if it will harm your health. It’s no good to have the perfect body shape and be too weak to enjoy it.

Despite the rapid introduction of one weight loss program after another, one thing has been proven over the years: natural weight loss provides the best results in the safest and most effective manner.

What is WLWF about?

Few people can say that they find losing weight easy, but we can all lose and maintain a healthy weight; it’s just a matter of finding the method that works for you and having support while you put your plan into practice.

We are here to help and encourage you as you embark on one of the most important journeys of your life. Achieving a healthy weight will open a world of delight you may have forgotten exists. Here at Weight Loss Wow Factor, we offer a range of information and tips designed to give you everything you need to know about natural weight loss. We do not advocate slimming pills or fad diets. Instead, we give you ways you can integrate new information about diets into your meals and eating habits.

There are a variety of diets and exercises – choose one that fits your taste and lifestyle, and allow us to help you achieve your goal..

High Protein. This diet consists of eating foods that are more filling, allowing you to go for extended periods of time without spikes in sugar levels that may cause cravings for mid-day snacks. The high-protein diet calls for careful food choices, limiting foods that are high in carbohydrates. To make this diet work, you need to substitute certain foods that you may enjoy but can add excessive pounds to your body. For instance, this diet does not restrict the consumption of meat and fish but it does suggest that you choose lean meat, as they have a lower calorie value. Snacking on cheese and yogurt is allowed, but opt for the fat-free versions. All carbohydrates are limited, excluding foods like cakes, breads and sugary drinks. The high protein diet is ideal for people who do not wish to really limit their meal portions but are willing to eat healthier alternatives for the foods known as ‘bad’.

Vegan Diet. This diet type excludes meat and fish from the menu and seeks nutrients from organically grown vegetables and fruits. Although the vegan diet looks a bit restrictive, it does provide several food options without compromising the nutrition of the dieter. Fruits and vegetables are popularly known for their vitamins and minerals, but they also contain low quantities of proteins and carbohydrates many people believe can only come from animal and dairy products. For instance, a dieter may derive their fat requirements from avocados, olive oil and certain types of nuts. Protein which is commonly associated with meat can be derived from oatmeal, some vegetables and whole wheat grains. Some people do not really see the vegan diet as a diet per se; rather, it is labelled as a philosophy or a type of lifestyle. Whichever way you choose to view it, the vegan diet, just like all other diet types, has its own benefits and drawbacks. The vegan diet has worked for a lot of people, and if you choose this route on your weight loss journey, this website will provide you with ample information on how to become a vegan without compromising your health.

The Vegetarian Diet. Unlike the vegan diet, which exclusively consumes plants only, the vegetarian diet includes fish in its menu. While the vegetarian diet is still restrictive as to meat products, the inclusion of fish is rooted in the belief that fish adds essential nutrients to the diet. This diet helps in losing weight because food groups under this diet type are relatively lower in calories. When planned right, along with the right exercise, the vegetarian diet could be the right strategy for you.

DNA Connection. This is a natural weight loss solution that probes your body processes to make weight loss more effective. Primarily, it is based on the science that your DNA or genes play a crucial role in the dieting process. It takes into consideration whether what you eat fights with your blood type and genetic code. This strategy requires a nutritionist to survey how your body digests food and how your brain reacts to the foods you eat. There are some foods that may cause you to feel sick and fatigued, while other foods allow you to metabolize it quickly, thus helping you lose weight. When you are able to pinpoint what food types are critical to your weight loss goals (with the help of a nutrition expert, of course), you’ll have a solid idea of what to eat more and what to avoid.

Water Therapy. As an essential part of any diet, consuming appropriate amounts of water can effectively and naturally aid in weight loss. Water therapy is a natural weight loss solution that requires drinking one litre of water before each meal. Water need not be gulped in one sitting; rather, it could be consumed at a leisurely pace as long as the indicated amount is reached. This results in feeling fuller before a meal, prompting you to eat less. Drinking water can have far-reaching benefits; keeping hydrated is one of the best things you can do to flush toxins from your body.

Regular Exercise. Exercise helps to burn calories you have consumed, preventing your body from storing these calories and turning them into fat. Regular exercise is critical to any weight loss program. Exercises as simple as running, walking and cycling can help to build muscle which burns calories more efficiently than fat. Other more energetic exercise options, such as aerobic dancing, Zumba and speed swimming will increase your heart rate and burn calories. However, should you decide to do more complicated exercises such as weight lifting, be sure to consult an instructor to prevent possible injury.


The right combination of diet, exercise and mindset creates an effective natural weight loss solution. We are here to help you determine the appropriate weight loss strategy so that not only do you reach your target weight and shape, but can also maintain your healthier, fitter body well into the future.

Start your slimming journey today; let us help you to achieve that WOW feeling that comes from success. Keep your goal in mind, never give up, and when you fall down, get up, dust yourself off and visit our site for inspiration.